Griss Acosta

Dominican / American // The Netherlands



Griss is a versatile sing- and songwriter with genres such as romantic, bachata, merengue and urban pop.

Born in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), he grew up surrounded by music and was part of a musical family.
His uncle, Marcos Yaroide, is one of the most successful performers of Christian music in all of Latin America.
While another uncle, Koky Acosta, is one of the idols of orchestral merengue.
His great-grandfather, Dionisio Mejía, better known under the name “Guandulito”, is remembered as one of the most important persons of the typical merengue of all time.
From each, Griss took major inspirations to create his own unique style.

Griss began his artistic career in 2000 performing as a singer at resorts on his home island.
After singing classes in New York, he recorded his first production in 2005.

Other music productions also opened the doors to performances in the Dominican Republic, the United States and Europe.

From 2014 to 2019, he appeared on several national and international television programs in the Dominican Republic.

Griss released his self-written songs in these years: ‘Amor sin Corazón’ (2015), ‘Amor Mio’ (2015), ‘Se Fue el Amor’ (2017), ‘Tu Corazón me Ama’ (2017), ‘Llorar por El’ (2017), ‘Noche de Verano’ (2021), ‘Abre tu Corazón (2022) and then recently with ‘Punta Cana’ (2022).

In 2023 you can expect a lot of new Tropical Music of Griss.



Agency Griss Acosta

Email info@grissacosta.com



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